Status: alive (last update 23/03/2017)

Origin:  Kortrijk Belgium (February 13, 1975)

Studio: Buizingen (Halle - Belgium)

Education: FUNDP - KULeuven : LAW  /  Sint-Lukas School of Architecture / - Brussels, RHoK Academy


Dimitri makes visual work on the basis of rough canvas, manipulated or not
with color or in a rather spatial way. They follow the evolution and the search of the
artist: the tension between the eternal and the moment, the contemplative and the "spielerei". The linen cloth that undergoes manual bleaching is a recurring element in his work.
It symbolizes a certain purity but also dead and Dimitri's search for the light in matter itself. He
works very spontaneously and only provides discreet color accents. The linen cloth no longer serves as surface, but becomes the actual plastic material with its own color and shape. “In fact not linnen but light is my matter. White is not a color, it's pure light reflection. That's probably why I'm obsessed by bleaching out the canvas. Togheter with the yarns and folds of the fabric, this light creates the shadows that draw the work”
This creates a sober abstract work with rough accents but charged with a particular sense poetry.
Certain works become shadow sculptures, the physical manipulation of the canvas, the
3 dimensions and the brittleness of the finish, the light breaks and the work goes in relation to the

After working for more than 20 years without showing his work he decided in september 2016 to exhibit for the first time. 

Past events:

23/10/2016 - STUK (Leuven),  group exhibition curated by Baudouin Oosterlynck
Upcoming events:
3-20 may 2017 Linea Hortus (Braine-Lecompte Belgium): group show
17-21 may 2017: LaVallée Brussels: solo show